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Düsseldorf City Rally


Approx. 1.5 hours city tour on foot with 18 fascinating questions for young people starting from age 14 and adults. 

Start and end is Marktplatz in front of the city hall.

Walk through Düsseldorf’s Old Town, along the Rhine embankment promenade, across Königsallee to Heinrich-Heine-Platz.
The city rally is an amusing way to get both local citizens and visitors familiarized with the city at their own pace.

Find the solution word and win...

The solution word you get if you answer all the questions correctly enables you to take part in our lottery. Entry deadline is always December 31st of each year.

You can get more information on the lottery in our brochure:

City Rally

Approx. 1.5 hour walk through Düsseldorf's Old Town.

297 x 210 mm



We hope you enjoy our city rally through Düsseldorf and wish you a lot of luck with the lottery.


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