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Alter Golzheimer Friedhof (cemetery)

Alter Golzheimer Friedhof

Fischerstraße (Golzheim)


started in 1804

Interesting facts:

On January 27th, 1804, the Elector Maximilian Joseph commissioned the court's master builder Caspar Anton Huschberger to find a space for a new cemetery. A suitable area was found in the parish of Golzheim, about 2 km north of the town's bounderies of that time. In 1816, Maximilan Friedrich Weyhe enlarged the small cemetery and gave it its present form.

At the beginning of the 19th century,  Düsseldorf had about 16,000 inhabitants. As the town developed, the cemetery had to be enlarged several times, for the last time in 1875, when Düsseldorf already had 80,000 inhabitants. In 1897, the cemetery had to be closed at last.  Düsseldorf's main burial ground of the 19th century is now partly preserved as a green area. Urban development measures have reduced the area of the cemetery. Only about 350 tombs, some of them threatened by decay, remind of the ten-thousands of persons that were buried at the Golzheimer Friedhof.

Now a poetic oasis of silence and one of the country's most  beautiful and important cemeteries, its history is tighly connected with Düsseldorf, and famous names remind of its citizens, painters and poets. It is a unique example of different styles such as Baroque, Classicism, Neo-Gothic and Romanticism and a remarkable total work of art.

Tombs of famous people: the garden architect and creator of the cemetery Maximilian Weyhe, the painters Alfred Rethel and Wilhelm von Schadow and the theatre director Karl Leberecht Immermann.


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