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Stadttor (city gate)

Stadttor (city gate) Düsseldorf
Stadttor (city gate) Düsseldorf

Seat of the State Chancellery NRW and office of the Minister President

The extraordinary building consists of two rhombic parallel glass towers with 16 floors and 3 connecting attic floors. The outer facade follows the principle of  'structural glazing', the inner one consists of wings of room-height , some of which are fixed and some of which can be opened.

The two gate towers are arranged such that one has an all-round view from inside. Each floor has a surface of 750 m². Due to the double glass facade and a completely new air-conditioning and ventilating system, incidental expenses are 70 % lower than with conventional full air-conditioning. The natural ventilation of the inner space of the facade creates a climatic buffer and supplies fresh air to the offices. Even with extreme summer heat, room temperatures remain pleasant due to a cooling system extracting cold air from the soil .

At the real estate exhibition MIPIM in Cannes in 1998, the building was awarded the 'oscar of architecture' as object of the year and the special prize of the jury as best office building.

Petzinka Pink & Partner


Stadttor 1
40219 Düsseldorf


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