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Berger Kirche (protestant church)


Berger Straße 18b (Altstadt)


1683 – 1687

Building style:

Brick hall

Interesting facts:

The elector Jan Wellem granted his subjects free exercise of their religion. However, protestant churches were not allowed to be built directly on the street. The small inner courtyard with the church can be reached through a passage in building number 18.

Open only for special occasions.

Johanneskirche (protestant church)

Johannes church

Martin-Luther-Platz (city centre)


1875 – 1881


Kyllmann und Heyden

Building style:

Brick building of the 'Berliner Schule' with influences of the Italian early Renaissance

Interesting facts:

First protestant church in Düsseldorf  which was allowed to be built in an open space.

Former Kreuzherren-Klosterkirche (catholic church)

Ehemalige Kreuzherrenkirche

Ursulinengasse 6 (Altstadt)


1443 – 1480

Building style:

Lower Rhine brick Gothic
Two-naved hall church with double choir

Interesting facts:

After secularization (1803), the building served as horse stables, weapon arsenal and the archives of the tax office. On the western side there is a marking on the pavement where the former town wall was.

Basilica St. Margareta (catholic church)

Address: Gerricusplatz (Gerresheim)
Built: 13th century; consecrated:1236

Building style:

Lower rhine's inflection of romanticism to gothik.
Tree-nave pier basilica with anoctagonal spire.

Interesting facts:

Belang to higher nobility of Gerresheim and ranks among the best-preserved chuch-buildings of the "Stauferzeit" at the lower rhine.

Contains numerous of sacral art creations:
Gerricus-Sarkophag (high-gotik)
Kruzifixus (at 970)
Ausmalung der Chorapsis "Gerresheimer grace chair" (middle 13th century)

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