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Rathaus (city hall)

Rathaus / Marktplatz
Rathaus / Marktplatz

Marktplatz 1 (Altstadt)


1570 – 1573


H. Tussmann

1749 redesigned by Johann Joseph Couven (addition of portal and balcony a.o.)

1958 – 1961 reconstruction

Interesting facts:

The city hall complex consists of three buildings from different periods. The so-called "old city hall" at the northern side of Marktplatz, the "Wilhelminischer Bau" (period of the Emperor Wilhem II) and the "Grupello house" at the western side.

The "Wilhelminischer Bau" was constructed in 1875 at the place of the old town theatre and was rebuilt after the war in a new design.

The Grupello house was initially the residence of the sculptor of the Jan Wellem equestrian statue.


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